Temple Project

To render the premises habitable for the nuns to move in and start the community, we had to undertake important building work. The development of the residential area is finished, and the construction of the temple and adjoining library are currently in their final stage.

The next important phase to be realized is to prepare the temple, or gompa, and specifically the altar. We want it to be as beautiful and inspiring as possible and to cover the entire surface of the wall. For this project, we are still in the design phase but we can already say that its realization is estimated at around 20,000 euros for the altar itself.  We will consult with Lama Zopa Rinpoche to decide which statues will be included.

You are invited to participate to this virtuous endeavor.
Any contribution, even modest, is welcome.
First sketch of the altar for our new gompa.
Stay posted! The plans for the altar will be published on this page as soon as they are ready.

Help us to create the altar

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The realization of this project depends entirely on the benevolence and generosity of donors, volunteers and others convinced of the importance of such a place for Dharma development in our regions.