Wish list

for the new kitchen of Dorje Pamo Monastery

To expand our community and better organize ourselves, we’re moving from a family-style kitchen to a community kitchen.

Thanks to generous donors, we already have a substantial sum of money to build the new kitchen, and create a sidewalk and access road.

With a professional kitchen, we need to equip ourselves with professional, standard-compliant equipment. Hence the purchase of new kitchen equipment.

Should you wish to contribute to the realization of this project, we warmly invite you to do so by participating in the purchase of the equipment listed below.

We would be very grateful for any kind of contribution.

Current kitchen

Design of the new kitchen

Besides the building activities and the kitchen equipment, also some smaller kitchen accessories will be needed. For example:

serving cart




dishwashing machine


(already offered: 300€

Various pans, knives, spatulas, ladles

(total) 668,20

Various gourmet trays

(total) 500,00

Thank you for your support!


The building of the new kitchen has started beginning of December 2023, and we hope that everything will be finished by the end of April 2024.